6 Ways To Give Thoughtful Gifts This Holiday!

The Holidays come quickly each year and I'm ALWAYS unprepared.
In Sonoma County, It’s sunny through October, sometimes November, so it's hard to get into Christmas mode at the right time. Due to my shopping struggle, it's difficult to remember the ways we can shop consciously around the Holidays, so I thought I would make a little list to share.
I like to start off by recognizing my current passions. Do I feel a pull towards those around me? The planet? People who might be fighting poverty around the world? Any answer is a good answer- you can find to support whatever it is your heart desires.
Here are some of my top:
  1. Friends
Do any of your friends sell products? Do you happen to like or find them useful? I have some great friends that sell things I love. They're passionate about their brand and they always answer my questions in detail so I know I'm getting the best product. You know the best part? I know they do a little dance every time someone supports them in their endeavor. Wouldn't you want to give a great gift and a dance?
  1. Local
Sonoma County is SUPER passionate about supporting local businesses. We have a site that outlines local businesses in the area, making it easy to find and support them. Do you have any shops in your town that you love? You know how they stay open? By the support of their local community- by people like you who want them to succeed. Take a walk downtown and see who you run into :)
PS- If you’re looking for good coffee to give, my friend started a coffee roasting company here in my town called Land and Water. Check ‘em out.
  1. Handmade
I’m a sucker for handmade pieces- maybe because I’m a maker myself. I’m so impressed with the talent out there and I wish I could support every creative in their art.
As you know, Etsy is the perfect place for this. You can find everything you could ever want on there. Want something with your pet’s face on it? Custom face cookie cutters? A mug in the shape of a cactus? They’re on it.
  1. Fair Trade
If you know me already, you know my passion is to see people live healthy lives and be treated fairly within the fashion industry. So many are enslaved and forced to work at rates and in conditions that are inhumane. This isn’t only in the fashion industry- this is in every industry around us. Shopping products that are fair trade or transparent about how they are made are SO important today. We vote with our dollar each day and we need to make sure we are voting in a way that ensures people are treated well and like human beings at the very least!!
My boutique, Atonement Design, was founded upon providing women with a variety of fashion-forward products that have been made in ethical manors. We help women out of sex trafficking, poverty, domestic violence and harmful conditions with the products we provide. Each piece gives back in some way and each piece is completely gorgeous! Check us out: Atonement Design.
  1. Sustainable
How often do we give gifts that may never be used? That may have been decorative for the moment, but a complete waste? I used to do this all the time. I would give little cute things for the sake of packaging or just to give something, but it was so wasteful! Don’t be wasteful this holiday! Give gifts people can use again and again. Whether it’s a metal straw, a kitchen gadget or just something practical, it will be appreciated.
Also, antiques are a great way to support a sustainable lifestyle. Giving gifts that were once used is a huge plus!
  1. Small Businesses
Whether it’s online or in a town around you, there’s a small business everywhere you look. There’s someone fighting to make their dream possible and going up against a larger corporation. Be mindful of this during the holidays! Support small businesses trying to make it in this difficult age. Can you buy your desired product from a person that’s trying to support their family? Your purchase can directly impact the economy around you. Like I said before, vote wisely with your dollar!
Last but not least, remember my shop (Atonement Design) that strives to support ethical fashion, conscious living and women around the world! I have some really cute stuff!
Haley J.

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