Do you buy clothes from Amazon? Watch this before you do it again.

Image credit:  Karan Deep Singh for The Wall Street Journal
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Do you use Amazon? I do at times. I've never purchased clothes from them, but I'm sure I've made a few questionable buys. 
The WSJ recently put together a video (and article) that I think you should check out. They investigated many of the supply chains linked to Amazon and Walmart and it turns out, they've used a lot of factories that have been blacklisted for unethical and dangerous practices. They're repeatedly putting their employees in harm's way and that's not okay! Check it out. 
And remember, everything you buy here is ethically made and most of it helps women out of slavery and sex trafficking!

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  • I just finished the suggested video. Embarrassingly I have never given much thought to all this until now. What en eye opener!

    April De La Cruz

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