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Atonement Design

Raw Iridescent Quartz and Black Pyrite Long Pendant

Raw Iridescent Quartz and Black Pyrite Long Pendant

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From blue to green

This beautiful and unique pieces features an iridescent quartz stone that changes from blue to green depending on the light. Adding to its fun, is a brushed brass coin and a dainty faceted pyrite bead.

Stone measures approximately 1" long and the necklace measures 34" in length

Hypoallergenic and nickel free.

Note: due to the characteristics of this natural stone, each piece will have slight differences.

Our in-house jewelry line is designed by founder Haley Jaeger and created by artisans in Haiti through Atelier Calla.

Atelier Calla celebrates sustainable jobs, fair trade working environments, preserving Haitian culture, and upcycling materials. They partner with over 30 artisans to create their beautiful pieces!

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