Dresses for Dressember and What Dressember is About

In our Atonement Facebook community group, I've been showing how to transition your Atonement dresses from Spring/Summer to Fall/Winter, and we have a few new dresses in from Mata Traders that are perfect for these transitions, and for Dressember.
fair trade semi formal long sleeve dress fair trade fashion fall dress with block printing and embroidery long sleeve black and orange dress
If you're not already a part of our community group, please consider this a warm welcome to join us! We're a group of likeminded women who care about living and buying consciously without sacrificing style. And there's fun things I do just for our community group where there's almost 500 of us and counting! Maybe you'll be the one to get us to 500!
Since I'm talking Dressember, I wanted to make sure you know what it's about and why we're so excited about it! And as you'll see, it fits right in with our Atonement Jewerly line and why Atonement exists: to contribute to a way of doing fashion that betters societies, the workers and ends modern day slavery.
So what is Dressember? Dressember envisions a world where all people are free. We join hands internationally in the month of December to utilize fashion, our creativity, and leverage our social media to be a tangible part of raising awareness and funds to end human trafficking in all its forms.          
Dressember is effective and so fun to participate in! Since 2013, it's supporters have raised over $10 million toward the fight to prevent, intervene, and protect the lives of trafficking victims and survivors worldwide. Dressember is all about a holistic continuum of care, and I love how they empower us with education that we then get to share to educate our circles.
To participate in Dressember, you can fundraise on your own or join a team (some members of our Atonement Facebook community lead some and we have one here) by using Dressember's easy tools and wearing and sharing how you style a dress (or for men, ties) all 31 days of December. I've seen people wear one dress to rotating through what they have, to wearing a different dress all 31 days supporting clothing companies that are doing good in the world for a double impact! That's where our current Atonement dresses come in! And while there are ways to support Dressember's work year round, this is their biggest time of fundraising and an opportunity for us to have fun with fashion in a way that makes a tangible difference for women and girls. 
Our three Mata Traders dresses were brought in specifically for Dressember (although you'll love wearing them all the time), and we'll have more dresses coming. Mata Traders dresses are Fair Trade, organic and support artisans with fair wages in India and Nepal. I chose two textiles and styles that are flattering dresses for every woman. When you buy Mata you are preserving craft traditions in India that date back centuries and provide women with work that leads to economic independence and gender equality. This results in less women needing to turn to the sex industry for money, and because they can send their children to school with their income, also combats child labor. What a perfect fit for Dressember, right?! Wearing Mata Traders for Dressember is a double win for women and will add some fashion-forward style to your wardrobe that you'll want to wear again and again.
I hope to see you in our Facebook community! And I'd love to hear: Have you participated in Dressember before, and if so, what did you get out of it?

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