About the Founder

Hi Friend,

My name is Haley and I’m the founder of Atonement Design.

As a child, I was always very artistic and crafty. I was enrolled in sewing classes at 7 years old and loved playing around with the jewelry starter kit my grandparents gifted me for Christmas. My dad started his own construction company and always encouraged me to press into my entrepreneurial spirit. He would help me sell snow cones at the park on hot days and beads door to door in our neighborhood. He used his construction company to employ crews in my hometown of Pacific Grove, CA and to build homes on mission trips to Mexico. He inspired me to do something good with whatever endeavor I pursued. Upon his passing, I utilized my creative spirit to aid in healing. I made more and more jewelry and became extremely crafty throughout my teenage years.

When college came, I knew I would pursue business, but wanted to study in an environment that encouraged helping others. This leads me to Point Loma Nazarene University, where the mantra at the Fermanian School of Business is ‘more than the bottom line.’

I enrolled at PLNU to obtain my B.S. in Business Management with a concentration in non-profit organizations. Through my years there, I worked for Ember Arts, a social enterprise that employs refugees in Uganda to make jewelry out of recycled paper. We worked hard to sell the products via retail and wholesale channels so more refugees could be pulled out of poverty and into fair trade artisan groups that provided great pay and benefits. I even got to design some jewelry for them!

Upon graduating from university, I worked in small business financing. I learned the ins and outs of business operations and what it takes for companies to succeed.

Throughout my years, I knew I wanted to start a creative business that could alleviate poverty and danger for women around the world- which is how Atonement Design was born. Through this business, I long to provide women with fashion-forward pieces that make a difference. Pieces that pull our fellow sisters out of danger and poverty and into abundance and restoration.

Within the boutique, I source products that have been made in a fair and safe environment that have a cause behind them. It is a place for women to learn more about the industries they support and how fashion can make a change for the better. This is also a place where we sell our own jewelry line.

Atonement Design’s jewelry has two elements to it. In 2019, our Fair & Fabulous line will be manufactured in Thailand by Destiny Rescue, an organization that rescues women and children from human trafficking, rehabilitates and teaches their survivors skills that will empower them to find sustainable employment. One of their training programs educates survivors in jewelry making. They collaborate with businesses like ours so they can rescue even more women and children and provide a sustainable income for their community. I also design and create jewelry here in the USA and donate proceeds to fight against human trafficking.

My hope is that Atonement Design will aid in not only restoring women on a global level but on a personal level too. I hope that our unique designs can speak to the unique and beautiful individuals that wear them and that our pieces will inspire women to confidently press on towards their dreams too.


Haley Jaeger


Marigold Boho Dress | Ethical Handmade Dress